301T iso

PAT-Drill 301T

The PAT-Drill 301T is a fully featured top drive rotary rig able to complete holes in hard or sedimentary rock.

It is one of the lightest rigs in its class and able to be towed behind most common pick – up trucks.

This is the PAT ‘best seller’ for rural water supply holes in hard rock areas.

For down-the-hole-hammer and mud rotary drilling up to 150 m depth 100 – 152 mm diameter DTH & 200 mm mud – according to tool selection.





Product Description

PAT-Drill 301T is a highly compact, mounted on trailer hydraulic drilling rig, available with all drilling accessories, easy to set-up and move. This is an ideal multipurpose rig, powerful, versatile and easy to transport across a variety of terrains.