PAT-Drill 301

The oldest PAT-Drill model and still in constant production and has many design refinements through its 25 years.

With a ‘stand alone’ mast unit it can be simply transported and man handled on drill sites – some with tight access.

Rig is powered by a stand alone power pack with a heavy duty Diesel engine or lightweight Petrol engine option.

Ideal application sedimentary mud drilled holes to 100 m depth 100-200 mm diameter.

The PAT-Drill 301 remains a popular PAT Models having been developed and refined through 15 years of continuous production and deployment on a wide variety of international drilling projects.





Product Description

In its modular format it remains one of the lightest drilling packages in its depth capacity in the world and can meet many specialist needs – manhandled up mountains for horizontal well drilling, compact air cargo movement where road transport is not an option or local mounting on hydraulic excavator arms and similar configurations.