PAT was born in the early 80's when a group of young Thai engineers formed an NGO to develop and design tools to help rural development in Thailand. In 1986 PAT as a commercial company was launched to specialise in the design and manufacture of drilling machines and accessories.

The PAT organisation remains very focused on directly meeting the requirements of its customers.Now it comprises of a modern purpose built factory in Bangkok (Thailand) employing some 50 staff. This is where the company designs and builds its machines. It also has a network of independent dealers - who are personally available in Nairobi (Kenya), Kampala (Uganda), Juba (South Sudan) to assist customers with sales & service issues relating to PAT equipment and operational supplies.

PAT remains a very small tight knit organisation that prides itself on teamwork and its ability to operate in four continents across cultural divides with a common purpose.

PAT has built an international reputation for innovative design and high quality of build of its equipment. PAT equipment is characterised as being compact and tough, easy to operate, maintainable and able to deliver cost effective construction of groundwater supplies to those in most need.

Company policies

In developing countries, around 80% of diseases are somehow linked to water supply, and 1.2 billion people have no access to safe drinking water. Moreover, access to water is a vital factor for social and economic development. PAT is very proud about its involvement in this vital sector. Providing a ground water source in often a remote area directly contributes to a better environment, health and happiness of the many people who live in such places.

Environmental responsibility

To achieve PAT objectives, we continuously do our best to minimize the impact our operations have on damaging the natural environments in which we work, with especial concern with those individuals that directly benefit from the water supplies constructed with our equipment and tools.

Health and safety

PAT also promotes health and safety awareness and responsibility among employees, suppliers and customers. PAT considers of primary importance the creation of a responsible health and safety culture.

Customer relation

We believe in teamwork as the main source of our strength. We encourage feedback communication not only with customers, but also with suppliers, contractors and with all members of the company. The business philosophy has been largely the same through the years: products are developed in close cooperation with customers.

Sharing knowledge, making progress

PAT likes to work from the ground up closely identifying with the core requirements of those in need. To achieve field success it is important to engage with train and work with the local work crews in all aspects of borehole construction and equipment maintenance. Those that benefit from receiving clean water need to be involved wherever possible in the process to get a better understanding of the issues.

PAT can also build management system based on years of practical experience to set up drilling skills training, planned maintenance, drill material logistics, borehole design and completion, health and safety procedures, simplification of supply chains, management reporting systems.

Founded on a range of abundant experience shared with existing customers PAT is very ready to share with others and allow real progress to be made.