XASH 186

Air Compressor

The best method to drill an open hole in consolidated rock is to use as Down-the- Hole Hammer striking a hard tungsten tipped button bit. DTH hammers are powered by compressed air that pick and drive the heavy steel piston onto the drill bit to percussively break and pulverise the very hardest rock – the discharging air passes through the drill bit and lifts the rock debris to surface.

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Product Description

PAT promote 2 standard sizes of air compressors and stock these models for sale.

1. Model XAHS 186 - Atlas Copco . 10.5m³/min volume and 12 Bar compressor powered by 104Kw diesel engine and mounted on a single axle - total weight 1883Kg.

This unit complements the PAT 301T and some applications with the 421 & 431 machines. It is capable of drilling a rock hole of 115 - 150mm diameter to over 100m deep. It is the smallest unit capable of completing open holes for water supply.

2. Model C200TS-24, C270TS-9 Compair. 20m³/min volume and 24 Bar Pressure air compressor powered by a 228Kw diesel engine supplied truck mounted on a 8500 GVW truck

This is the high performance drilling option suited to PAT rigs 421 and up

It is capable of drilling 165mm diameter hard rock holes at high efficiency minimising drilling time and fuel consumption. This unit is the most cost effective to maintain high production rates at the lowest cost.

Special Note: Current air compressors produced commercially comply with both North Amercian & European directives on clean emissions - To achieve this engines are the latest generation common rail design and need to be maintained by approved agents of the diesel engines . It is essential to ensure this maintenance can be undertaken locally. In many locations customers are advised to purchase Air Compressor direct from local appointed agents to ensure the essential after sales service is available.

PAT will only sell compressors when local service of units will be taken care by approved agents of the diesel engines.