Drilling Accessories

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  • Air Compressors

    The best method to drill an open hole in consolidated rock is to use as Down-the- Hole Hammer striking a hard tungsten tipped button bit. DTH hammers are powered by compressed air that pick and drive the heavy steel piston onto the drill bit to percussively break and pulverise the very hardest rock – the discharging air passes through the drill bit and lifts the rock debris to surface.

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  • Pump Test Unit

    To complete a well and measure its discharge and drawdown with a mechanised pump can involve using some really unwieldy equipment that is difficult to transport and use in remote sites.

    PAT Pump Test Unit is a compact and easily transported unit comprising of a roller unit to feed the lay flat site pipe into the hole and support it on rigid support pipe on the surface.

    The operation of lowering the pump takes no more than a few minutes.

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  • Hand tools

    We have selected an extensive package of hand tools suitable to support drilling operations, maintenance and repairing.

    We included especially developed tools from our workshop for optimal use of drilling rigs. We provided air tools as a boxed set

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